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Outlook.com hacked

Yes, that includes Hotmail and MSN users as well.

IT has been reported from today and confirmed by Microsoft that hackers have been able to have full access to their users email accounts to send emails to their contacts and do as they please for months.

The hackers breached a support agent’s credentials and used those to access an unspecified number of email accounts. Microsoft has not stated how many accounts have been affected but has said that no user credentials have been stolen and sent emails to affected users to change their passwords only as a precaution.

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Why free email hurts your business

What’s wrong with FREE email?

Well, you might think that we’re going to say a whole bunch of stuff just because we are trying to sell you email services. Sure but not just anything. Our email services are selling just fine because we provide excellent customer service and Secure Simple eMail at an exceptionally low cost, but yes, there are some compelling reasons why you should use our services over so-called free email services.
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