Outlook.com hacked

Yes, that includes Hotmail and MSN users as well.

IT has been reported from today and confirmed by Microsoft that hackers have been able to have full access to their users email accounts to send emails to their contacts and do as they please for months.

The hackers breached a support agent’s credentials and used those to access an unspecified number of email accounts. Microsoft has not stated how many accounts have been affected but has said that no user credentials have been stolen and sent emails to affected users to change their passwords only as a precaution.

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Microsoft moves its browser to Chromium

Yes, that’s right. This is the news that Microsoft is moving their browser to the Chromium project; that is to say that their next browser will be based on the Chromium project code, like so many browsers today are. Most known is Google Chrome but there are many others that are based on the same infrastructure. Firefox and Edge have been the only real competitors to Google Chrome and now with Microsoft moving over to Chromium there will only be Mozilla Firefox left as the biggest competition to Google Chrome.

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