Microsoft moves its browser to Chromium

Yes, that’s right. This is the news that Microsoft is moving their browser to the Chromium project; that is to say that their next browser will be based on the Chromium project code, like so many browsers today are. Most known is Google Chrome but there are many others that are based on the same infrastructure. Firefox and Edge have been the only real competitors to Google Chrome and now with Microsoft moving over to Chromium there will only be Mozilla Firefox left as the biggest competition to Google Chrome.

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Why free email hurts your business

What’s wrong with FREE email?

Well, you might think that we’re going to say a whole bunch of stuff just because we are trying to sell you email services. Sure but not just anything. Our email services are selling just fine because we provide excellent customer service and Secure Simple eMail at an exceptionally low cost, but yes, there are some compelling reasons why you should use our services over so-called free email services.
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Google Forces Sites to use SSL

Well this could be seen as bad thing but to use it is a great thing. We love security and if it makes people more secure then that must be a good thing. We have a .APP domain name for our site and product. This means that our website will not work -at all- if we don’t have a SSL certificate on our site because the entire .APP Top Level Domain (TLD) is in the HSTS preload list. That means that all .APP websites will have to have a certificate in order to work and will not work without one that is completely valid and up-to-date. This does help to raise the security bar and the level of trust for the .APP TLD.

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