Whilst we do our best to make SecuredMail.App as easy to use as possible, there are sometimes questions that need to be asked and answered. There are also some setup issues that need a guiding hand to get right.

You can try here first, and then you can try our knowledgebase and if you are still stuck, contact us and ask a question.

The full knowledgebase can be found here.


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



Q: How do I setup my email client?



A : You will find a detailed answer here which explains how to set up various email clients.



Q: Why do you use Open Source software/What are the benefits of Open Source software



A: Closed Source software, such as Microsoft Windows, is only available to the bad guys to look at. They take Windos apart and find the problems and then exploit them. With Open Source software everyone can legally look at the  ode and contribute their findings to the project. This means that many of the issues are found and delt with before the bad guys can use it to their advantage. It also means that when we say it is secure, there are many security experts who can look at the  ode and  confirm that it is secure, unlike closed source software. 



Q: Why do I need a certificate?



A: A certificate is what is used to enable you to encrypt and/or sign an email. You can send email without one but it will not be cryptographically signed, nor can you you encrypt it with out a certificate.



Q: What is a signed email?



A: A cryptographically signed email is an email that, if changed after sending by anyone, will invalidate the seal, much like breaking the seal on a letter. This means that if the email arrives and the seal is reported as broken, you know that someone has tampered with the email and it’s contents should not be trusted at all as it could have been amended or replaced completely.



Q: What is an encrypted email?



A: An Encrypted email is an email that has been turned in to a bunch of gibberish, to anyone who tries to read the email. Only the person you have sent it to can open and read the email.



Q: Do I need anything special to sign an email?



A: Yes, you need a certificate to sign an email. See how to get one here.



Q: Do I need anything special to encrypt an email?



A: Yes, you need a certificate, and the person you are sending email to, also needs a certificate. You then swap Public keys (the public part of your certificate), and then they are the only ones who can open the email with their private keys (the part you/they keep secret).



Q: How do I get a certificate?



A: Click here and follow the instructions, it is FREE for the moment.



Q: How do I install the certificate in to my email client?



A: Follow these instructions here.