Google Chromcast Problem

Google Chromcast Problem

If you have a Google Chromecast then you may be one of the people who has been hit by the recent Pewdiepie “spam” video. Hopefully you have managed to get rid of it by now without too much hassle.

What happened?

Well, in short, someone got upset with the fact that Google Chromecast uses Universal Plug and Play (uPNP), and there appears to be no way to turn it off in the device itself. Google’s response to this is to blame your router for the problem. We cannot see any reason for having uPNP switched on your router and we advocate turning it off every time, however it is unbelievable that Google would put the blame for this on to the router rather than just turn it off by default on their device.

What does uPNP on the device do?

Well it allows you to have content streamed directly to your Chromecast. Why? I don’t know but it can and that is what happened with this “hack”. As usual it hit most people who are not experienced enough to install this equipment. Manufacturers are trying to make things easier to install and use so they just turn everything on and this is an example of something that should be off by default and a button to turn it on if needed and then off again.

What else?

Well the biggest problem with this is the fact that someone who gets in to your Chromecast might then be able to get to other devices on your network and do other worse things than show you a video you didn’t want to see.

What can I do?

If you are affected by this issue, then you should seek help to get your router setup changed, most of the time this can be done safely and quickly with remote support but if you have a need to use uPNP then it may take a bot mor work. Ask your IT service company to look at this for you and if you don’t have an IT suppot company then head on over to for help, they may be able to help you remotely at a reasonable cost.

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