About Simple Secure eMail

About Simple Secure eMail

We provide the best Simple Secure eMail services in the world.

Well we believe so anyway. You can try it for yourself and let us know.

Email is inherently an insecure media, rather like sending a post card in the post. To make it truly secure there are two ways, you should only communicate with people on the same server, ensure that you use a secure connection to the server such as webmail or you can use encryption to encrypt your email to the other person, then you can be sure that your email is secure all the way from you to your recipient and only they can read it.

If you need to send to others then our platform will allow you to connect to your inbox securely and send/receive email from the server securely. If you are sending email to someone else who also supports industry standard security protocols for mail delivery to the server then your email will be securely transmitted to them. However, most email providers do not support any encryption for sending emails, if they don’t your email will still get through but we will have to send it via insecure methods. (It wouldn’t be much of an email service if it didn’t).

We can help you to make your email secure all the way every time even if their server doesn’t support it, it is just a bit more work. It requires a bit of effort on both sides. If you need to make sure your email gets through intact and/or encrypted then look no further. We can help.

Here is why you should use our email services.

Easy to Use

SecuredMail.App email is easy to use. Well, isn’t all email? Our email is powerful and with an easy layout you can easily find your way around it. It also supports a number of connection methods, such as POP and IMAP to most devices and email programs on Mac and PC. Easy to follow setup guides to get you started.


You get a minimum of two accounts, use one for work and one for home; or one for you and one for your partner. There are many things you can do with your second account. You can also add aliases to increase the value of your email. This means you can have one address to give your family and friends and another to give when signing up to somewhere you may get spam from. If that happens just remove the alias and create another. You can have as many aliases as you like.


We have dedicated mail servers so however you access your email it will always be as quick as your internet connection will allow it to be. Our webmail will work well on your computer or mobile device alike with it responsive design, so you can use it from anywhere.

Open Source Technologies

We use the best Open Source technologies that have been tested by security experts all over the world. Everyone can look at the source code and confirm that it is secure. Unlike Closed Source Technologies that only the bad guys can look at because the license agreement prevents others from doing so. Security is not about obscuring the source code or methods used. Security is acheived by openness and maths. You can’t beat the maths.

Security as Standard

There are only a couple of ways to keep email secure. The first way is to only send to people on this service (so it doesn’t leave the server) and the second is to send encrypted email. We do all we can by keeping encrypted connections to anyone whose server supports it, but don’t worry, if they don’t support encryption then we will still get your email to them (otherwise it would be a useless service). We can help you to keep your email encrypted or signed every time. You can also setup up to 4 separate passwords for specific apps to use. This will help to keep your main account password secure as you don’t have to use it everywhere you want to view your emails.

We have help documents to help make it as secure as you want it to be, please see our help section to get more secure.

Upgrade Options

There are several upgrade options available to you.

  • Upgrade your eMail box size from the standard 5GB up to 15GB.
  • You can upgrade and use your SecuredMail.App eMail with your own Domain Name; we offer some of the very best prices for domain names.
  • If you decide you want more you can upgrade to a Full Featured Cloud Account and get all the benefits that go with it such as unlimited email box size, advanced calendar sharing, Ransomware protection for your files on your computer and advanced file sharing and backup capabilities that are better than some of the big names in the industry as well as a password manager for websites and web apps and so much more. FREE account migration assistance (Terms and conditions apply, please submit a support ticket for more information and to request migration assistance).
  • Add Hosting and host your own website, we have some great hosting offers and site builders. We are happy to help you decide which hosting package is best for you. Get more form the internet.

Secure Webmail

Using our secure webmail to access your email, calendars, contacts, notes and files is secure with two factor authentication and with an SSL connection to prevent snooping. If you currently use Gmail or Outlook.com then this will be a similar way to accessing them. Webmail is the only way to store files on the server, which makes it secure from threats such as ransomware.

Connect your email to your Computer

You can connect popular email clients such as Outlook or Windows Mail to your email account to make it easier to use your account. We recommend that you use a modern email client that supports Signing and Encrypting emails, and you can use an app password. See the security as standard section for more details. Don’t forget you can also synchronise your contacts and calendars and notes with the server.

Connect your Apple Devices

You can connect your Apple device to your email account and we make this as secure as it can be, using an SSL/TLS connection to send and receive your email and the ability to use a secure individual app password that doesn’t compromise your main account password. Apple devices can also send secure encrypted and signed emails and synchronise calendars, contacts and notes all with the built-in software.

Connect your Android Devices

You can connect your Android device to your email account and we make this as secure as possible using an SSL/TLS connection to send and receive your emails. You can also use an app password on these devices to keep your account password secure. Synchronise your contacts and calendars (requires additional software).


Keep yourself up-to-date and organised with a calendar, which can be access securely from webmail and synchronised to your computer or mobile device. Add your appointments and keep your work or social life organised. Add appointments and set them to reoccur, add notifications/alarms. Add multiple calendars to organise different activities.

File Storage & Sharing

Upload files and create sharing links to enable other to download files. Each link can be removed when no longer needed. Upload files and use your account space to good effect. This is an excellent way to share files with multiple people or files that are larger than email systems generally allow, it also then doesn’t need to clog up your email account as you can delete the file when you no longer need to share it.

Sign up today for your Simple Secure eMail from SecuredMail.App.

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It was easy to setup and works just like they said it would in Outlook, and on my iPhone. The support is excellent as well, helped me to get setup with picking up emails from the old account.


I used a ukonline.co.uk email account from my internet provider, until they went under, taking my email with them. Now at least I have control of my email and I know it is secure and as they use industry standards, I can choose to move my email anywhere I like, not that I would as their support has been fantatic.

Michael Dan - Accountant