Archive 29 January, 2019

URGENT FaceTime Flaw

News has reached us that Apple has announce a major security flaw in it’s FaceTime app on all devices. The problem in fact is believed to be on the servers and Apple has started steps to turn off the affected part of the service which is believed to be the group chat function.

Group chat was only introduced in October and has had a number of issues.

The current recommended action is to turn off FaceTime from settings until it is sorted out.

Apple says it is working on a fix and hopes to have a clientside update in teh next week or so.

Check back here soon.

WhatsApp Security Flaw

WhatsApp the easy to use chat program from Facebook has been found to have a major security flaw. WhatsApp uses the user’s phone number for both account name and delivery of the messages. This is a great and secure way to do this as it means that the messages will only be delivered to the user they are intended for. Until that is the user, for whatever reason, gets a new number. If the number has been used previously by a WhatsApp user then it is possible, and has happened, for the new owner of the number to get some access to the old users WhatsApp messages and groups. This is because of the way that WhatsApp uses the phone number for authentication to the account. So your number that you don’t have anymore may still have access to your old messages.

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Increase in rogue Crypto mining software

Rogue websites and hacked websites are installing crypto-miners on visitor’s computers. Add to this the increase in viruses and Trojans that are dropping crypto miners on to people’s computers and you can see that they are making lot of money from these miners. There are now a lot of crypto currencies that can be mined. Mining is the way you find crypto currencies. The newer the currency the more chance there is to find some.

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Your eMail account has been hacked

Many of you may have seen the eMails that come though that says your account has been hacked because I am sending this email from your account. Well actually most of our users don’t get to see this message as it picked up by spam filters. That is because it is spam and an idle threat. If you read it; which you shouldn’t because it’s bad and will cause you problems if you download the virus that can be downloaded just by opening it on some devices and computers.

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