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Email: simple and secure. We take the hard work out of your small business and personal email so you can concentrate on other important things in your life.

What do you get for your £2.00 inc. VAT?

Every Simple Secure eMail account from SecuredMail.App comes as standard with 1 FREE subdomain on our exciting SecuredMail.App domain, 2 eMail accounts with 5GB storage each. You also get all of the following with each account:


Easy to set up & configure, easy to use.
Access your mail on any device with webmail.


Use for work and home.
Use with your family, co-workers or staff.


Webmail that is responsive on mobiles, laptops and desktops alike.

Security as Standard

We make eMail as secure as possible with Transport Layer Security (TLS/SSL) certificates. Individual app passwords, two factor authentication, advanced spam and virus filtering included and more.

Secure Webmail

Use our Secure Webmail to access your eMail, calendar and other services from SecuredMail.App using a secure connection between your PC or mobile device and our servers. With lots of features.

Upgrade options

Upgrade to use your own domain name, add more space to eMail boxes or eMail boxes to your account. Upgrade to a full featured cloud account to get full cloud sharing, backup & Ransomeware protection.


Use your computer (PC or Mac) and any supported eMail client to send/receieve encrypted and/or signed eMail to anyone*.

Apple Devices

Works with your iPhone or iPad to send/receive encrypted and signed emails*. Sync your calendar, notes and contacts too.

Android devices

Works with your Android device to send/receive emails. Sync your calendar, notes and contacts too**

Open Source Technologies

We use Open Source Technologies so you know that the security has been checked by the industry and they can validate our claims about how secure we are.


Keep yourself organised by using the calendar to keep track of your days, weeks and even years. Sync your calendar and contacts to your mobile device or computer.

File Storage & Sharing

Make good use of the space you have and store files on our servers so that you can share them with anyone you choose. Manage download links from webmail.

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It was easy to setup and works just like they said it would in Outlook, and on my iPhone. The support is excellent as well, helped me to get setup with picking up emails from the old account.


I used a ukonline.co.uk email account from my internet provider, until they went under, taking my email with them. Now at least I have control of my email and I know it is secure and as they use industry standards, I can choose to move my email anywhere I like, not that I would as their support has been fantatic.

Michael Dan - Accountant

Latest News

Read our latest news about our products and the world of email, security and the internet in general. Find out whats going on in the technology world that is worth knowing about.

Outlook.com hacked

Yes, that includes Hotmail and MSN users as well.

IT has been reported from today and confirmed by Microsoft that hackers have been able to have full access to their users email accounts to send emails to their contacts and do as they please for months.

The hackers breached a support agent’s credentials and used those to access an unspecified number of email accounts. Microsoft has not stated how many accounts have been affected but has said that no user credentials have been stolen and sent emails to affected users to change their passwords only as a precaution.

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Update – FaceTime Flaw fixed

Apple have confirmed that they have fixed the FaceTime flaw that was discovered by a 14 year boy.

You must update to the latest version on your supported device (12.1.4) before you switch FaceTime back on again.

The issue was discovered to be in the group chat feature, even if you didn’t use it yourself. Anyone who called you, using Facetime could simply press the button to add another user to the call and then enter their own number and they would have access to your microphone and forward facing camera allowing them to see and hear you, even if you had not accepted the call.

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URGENT FaceTime Flaw

News has reached us that Apple has announce a major security flaw in it’s FaceTime app on all devices. The problem in fact is believed to be on the servers and Apple has started steps to turn off the affected part of the service which is believed to be the group chat function.

Group chat was only introduced in October and has had a number of issues.

The current recommended action is to turn off FaceTime from settings until it is sorted out.

Apple says it is working on a fix and hopes to have a clientside update in teh next week or so.

Check back here soon.